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Water Quality in the Yakima River Basin


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If you have questions or comments about the Yakima NAWQA study, contact:

Greg Fuhrer
Yakima NAWQA Project Chief
U.S. Geological Survey
10615 SE Cherry Blossom Dr
Portland, OR 97216
(503) 251-3231

Yakima Basin NAWQA Personnel

The Yakima Basin NAWQA is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with staff also located in Tacoma and Pasco, Washington.


Greg Fuhrer: Project Chief   (503) 251-3231

Joe Rinella: Water-Quality Specialist   (503) 251-3278

Hank Johnson: Hydrologist (GIS, land use)   (503) 251-3472

Curt A. Hughes: Hydrologist (GIS, trace elements)   (503) 251-3207

Jennifer L. Morace: Hydrologist (database, bacteria, pesticides)   (503) 251-3229

Ian Waite: Aquatic Biologist   (503) 251-3463

Kurt Carpenter: Aquatic Biologist   (503) 251-3215

Dan Wise: Hydrologist   (503) 251-3213

Stu McKenzie: Contractor (pesticide use)   (503) 658-4624



Sandy Embrey: Hydrologist (pesticides, nutrients)   (253) 428-3600 x2644#

Jeanette O'Neil: Hydrologic Technician   (509) 547-2571

Dewey Copeland: Hydrologic Technician (sampling)   (509) 547-2571

Jim Ebbert: Contractor (pesticides)   (253) 428-3600 x2682#

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