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Umatilla Basin Ground-Water Study


What is the scope of this study, and how will the study be approached?

At this time, only limited funds are available for compiling well, ground-water level, and surface-water data, and for collection of water-levels in wells and borehole geophysical information. When fully funded, the scope and approach of the study will be defined in more detail.

The study will be phased in a manner such that each phase builds upon the information developed during previous phases:

  • In Phase 1, existing data and hydrologic models will be gathered and evaluated, a detailed data-collection network designed, and a modeling approach developed for Phase 2.

  • Phase 2 includes an intensive data collection period and construction, calibration, and coupling of hydrologic models for the basin.

  • Phase 3 includes the use of the models to identify optimal water management schemes for a selected set of management objectives.

  • Phase 4 includes a long-term monitoring program for the basin that would provide data to verify and update the hydrologic models.

Umatilla Basin Ground-Water Study
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