About the USGS Data Grapher System

Version: 6.2 // 17-Jun-2022
Author: Stewart A. Rounds []

The Data Grapher system was written by Stewart A. Rounds, a hydrologist at the U.S. Geological Survey's Oregon Water Science Center in Portland, Oregon. He and others in that office saw the need for a system that could interactively create customized graphs and tables of measured water-quality and streamflow data, using high-frequency datasets of current and historical data, in order to more easily visualize the data. With the Data Grapher system, you can explore many USGS datasets to discover patterns on various timescales (hours, days, weeks, seasons, years), identify similarities in data from different sites, and learn more about the characteristics of sites of interest.

Have fun exploring these datasets! Send the author an email if you like the Data Grapher or if you have constructive ideas for improvement!

This system was developed over many years of countless evenings and weekends as the author's hobby. I hope you like it!