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This is a data graphing utility that allows the user to build XY graphs of data from selected USGS stations and highlight certain months or years or dates. Select the station, the parameters to plot, the starting and ending dates, and the type of highlighting (if any) for the graph. Then, click the button labeled "Make Graph."

Step 1: [Optional] Choose a basin from the drop-down list.


Step 2: Choose a site from the drop-down list.


Tualatin River at Dilley, OR (14203500)
Parameter Begin Date Last Approved Date Last Reading
 Discharge   Jan-01-2000 00:00   Dec-13-2022 12:00   Apr-17-2024 14:30 
 Gage Height   Jan-01-2000 00:00   Dec-13-2022 12:00   Apr-17-2024 14:30 
 Water Temperature   Mar-25-2016 12:15   Oct-17-2023 10:00   Apr-17-2024 13:30 
 Specific Conductance   Mar-25-2016 12:15   Oct-17-2023 10:00   Apr-17-2024 13:30 
 Dissolved Oxygen   Feb-19-2020 11:15   Oct-17-2023 10:00   Apr-17-2024 13:30 
 Oxygen % Saturation   Feb-19-2020 11:15   Oct-17-2023 10:00   Apr-17-2024 13:30 
 pH   Mar-25-2016 12:15   Oct-17-2023 10:00   Apr-17-2024 13:30 
 Turbidity   Mar-25-2016 12:15   Oct-17-2023 10:00   Apr-17-2024 13:30 
 Total Chlorophyll   Mar-25-2016 12:15       Oct-17-2023 10:30 
 Chlorophyll Fluorescence   Oct-17-2023 12:30       Apr-17-2024 13:30 
 Phycocyanin   Mar-25-2016 12:15       Oct-17-2023 10:45 
 Phycocyanin Fluorescence   Oct-17-2023 12:15       Apr-17-2024 13:30 
 fDOM (370/460)   Mar-26-2016 00:00       Apr-17-2024 13:30 
 Measurements at this site are available here at 15 minute intervals.
 Some data are provisional and subject to revision.
 More data from this site may be available from NWIS-Web.

Step 3: Choose the parameters to plot.

X Parameter:
    Apply a -day running average.
Y Parameter:
    Apply a -day running average.

Step 4: Choose starting and ending dates for the data in the graph.

Begin Date: --  
End Date: --
Month-Day shortcuts:

Step 5: Choose the type of legend and data highlighting.

Begin month:   Begin day:   Begin year:
End month: End day: End year:

Step 6: Make the graph, or reset the form and try again.

Construction of the graph may take a minute or two.


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