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14211720: Flow=32500cfs,Stage=5.08ft,2015-08-02 09:30,High,WILLAMETTE RIVER AT PORTLAND, OR 14400000: Flow=50cfs,Stage=-0.86ft,2015-08-02 09:30,Low,CHETCO RIVER NEAR BROOKINGS, OR 14377100: Flow=12cfs,Stage=0.16ft,Floodstage=35ft,2015-08-02 09:45,Low,ILLINOIS RIVER NEAR KERBY, OR 14318000: Flow=16cfs,Stage=2.38ft,2015-08-02 09:45,Low,LITTLE RIVER AT PEEL, OR 14306500: Flow=63cfs,Stage=1.16ft,Floodstage=18ft,2015-08-02 10:00,Low,ALSEA RIVER NEAR TIDEWATER, OR 14306340: Flow=0.50cfs,Stage=2.39ft,2015-08-02 09:45,Low,EAST FORK LOBSTER CREEK NEAR ALSEA, OR. 14305500: Flow=54cfs,Stage=2.21ft,Floodstage=16ft,2015-08-02 09:30,Low,SILETZ RIVER AT SILETZ, OR 14303600: Flow=41cfs,Stage=3.50ft,Floodstage=18ft,2015-08-02 09:45,Low,NESTUCCA RIVER NEAR BEAVER, OR 14301500: Flow=49cfs,Stage=3.12ft,Floodstage=12ft,2015-08-02 09:30,Low,WILSON RIVER NEAR TILLAMOOK, OR 14209500: Flow=549cfs,Stage=0.47ft,2015-08-02 09:00,Low,CLACKAMAS RIVER ABOVE THREE LYNX CREEK, OR 14201500: Flow=1.3cfs,Stage=4.15ft,2015-08-02 10:00,Low,BUTTE CREEK AT MONITOR, OR 14188800: Flow=8.8cfs,Stage=3.81ft,Floodstage=18ft,2015-08-02 09:45,Low,THOMAS CREEK NEAR SCIO, OR 14185900: Flow=21cfs,Stage=2.88ft,2015-08-02 09:15,Low,QUARTZVILLE CREEK NEAR CASCADIA, OR 14185000: Flow=36cfs,Stage=1.93ft,2015-08-02 09:48,Low,SOUTH SANTIAM RIVER BELOW CASCADIA, OR 14179000: Flow=98cfs,Stage=2.49ft,2015-08-02 09:15,Low,BREITENBUSH R ABV FRENCH CR NR DETROIT, OR. 14165500: Flow=1730cfs,Stage=6.76ft,2015-08-02 10:15,Low,MCKENZIE RIVER NEAR COBURG, OR 14161500: Flow=7.6cfs,Stage=1.68ft,2015-08-02 09:30,Low,LOOKOUT CREEK NEAR BLUE RIVER, OR 14159200: Flow=178cfs,Stage=3.51ft,2015-08-02 10:00,Low,SO FK MCKENZIE RIVER ABV COUGAR LAKE NR RAINBOW OR 14141500: Flow=11cfs,Stage=1.61ft,2015-08-02 10:15,Low,LITTLE SANDY RIVER NEAR BULL RUN, OR 14139800: Flow=9.1cfs,Stage=2.51ft,2015-08-02 09:45,Low,SOUTH FORK BULL RUN RIVER NEAR BULL RUN, OR 14138870: Flow=2.3cfs,Stage=1.15ft,2015-08-02 09:45,Low,FIR CREEK NEAR BRIGHTWOOD, OR 14138850: Flow=33cfs,Stage=2.36ft,2015-08-02 09:45,Low,BULL RUN RIVER NEAR MULTNOMAH FALLS, OR 14138800: Flow=1.5cfs,Stage=1.03ft,2015-08-02 09:30,Low,BLAZED ALDER CREEK NEAR RHODODENDRON, OR 14203500: Flow=260cfs,Stage=11.59ft,Floodstage=17.5ft,2015-08-02 10:00,>90,TUALATIN RIVER NEAR DILLEY, OR 14153500: Flow=91cfs,Stage=3.21ft,2015-08-02 10:15,>90,COAST FORK WILLAMETTE R BLW COTTAGE GROVE DAM, OR 14148000: Flow=1720cfs,Stage=2.47ft,2015-08-02 09:30,>90,MF WILLAMETTE RIVER BLW N FORK, NR OAKRIDGE, OR. 14145500: Flow=1290cfs,Stage=3.88ft,2015-08-02 10:15,>90,MF WILLAMETTE RIVER ABV SALT CRK, NEAR OAKRIDGE,OR 14034500: Flow=15cfs,Stage=3.23ft,2015-08-02 10:15,>90,WILLOW CREEK AT HEPPNER, OR 14015000: Flow=7.0cfs,Stage=1.83ft,2015-08-02 10:15,>90,MILL CREEK AT WALLA WALLA, WA 14375100: Flow=24cfs,Stage=1.24ft,2015-08-02 10:00,<10,SUCKER CREEK BLW LITTLE GRAYBACK CK, NR HOLLAND,OR 14328000: Flow=327cfs,Stage=1.42ft,2015-08-02 10:30,<10,ROGUE RIVER ABOVE PROSPECT, OREG. 14321000: Flow=920cfs,Stage=2.71ft,Floodstage=33ft,2015-08-02 10:15,<10,UMPQUA RIVER NEAR ELKTON, OR 14319500: Flow=777cfs,Stage=1.82ft,Floodstage=26ft,2015-08-02 09:30,<10,NORTH UMPQUA RIVER AT WINCHESTER, OR 14312000: Flow=72cfs,Stage=2.74ft,Floodstage=26ft,2015-08-02 10:15,<10,SOUTH UMPQUA RIVER NEAR BROCKWAY, OR 14202000: Flow=17cfs,Stage=4.23ft,Floodstage=22ft,2015-08-02 09:45,<10,PUDDING RIVER AT AURORA, OR 14190500: Flow=18cfs,Stage=1.71ft,2015-08-02 09:30,<10,LUCKIAMUTE RIVER NEAR SUVER, OR 14187000: Flow=7.0cfs,Stage=1.24ft,2015-08-02 09:48,<10,WILEY CREEK NEAR FOSTER, OR 14105700: Flow=116000cfs,Stage=76.85ft,2015-08-02 10:15,<10,COLUMBIA RIVER AT THE DALLES, OR 14097100: Flow=202cfs,Stage=0.97ft,2015-08-02 09:45,<10,WARM SPRINGS RIVER NEAR KAHNEETA HOT SPRINGS, OR 14046500: Flow=57cfs,Stage=1.47ft,Floodstage=11.5ft,2015-08-02 09:30,<10,JOHN DAY RIVER AT SERVICE CREEK, OR 14020300: Flow=8.5cfs,Stage=1.88ft,2015-08-02 10:15,<10,MEACHAM CREEK AT GIBBON, OR 11503000: Flow=1.4cfs,Stage=2.50ft,2015-08-02 10:00,<10,ANNIE SPRING NEAR CRATER LAKE, OR 10396000: Flow=29cfs,Stage=1.82ft,Floodstage=6ft,2015-08-02 10:00,<10,DONNER UND BLITZEN RIVER NR FRENCHGLEN OR 14338000: Flow=0.86cfs,Stage=1.45ft,2015-08-02 10:30,<10,ELK CREEK NEAR TRAIL, OR 14337500: Flow=33cfs,Stage=2.77ft,2015-08-02 10:15,<10,BIG BUTTE CREEK NEAR MCLEOD, OR 14316700: Flow=36cfs,Stage=0.21ft,2015-08-02 09:30,<10,STEAMBOAT CREEK NEAR GLIDE, OR 14309500: Flow=4.8cfs,Stage=2.10ft,2015-08-02 09:30,<10,WEST FORK COW CREEK NEAR GLENDALE, OR 14308500: Flow=0.00cfs,Stage=1.76ft,2015-08-02 09:45,<10,ELK CREEK NR DREW, OR 14308000: Flow=43cfs,Stage=0.60ft,Floodstage=18ft,2015-08-02 09:30,<10,SOUTH UMPQUA RIVER AT TILLER, OR 14307620: Flow=76cfs,Stage=2.83ft,Floodstage=18ft,2015-08-02 10:00,<10,SIUSLAW RIVER NEAR MAPLETON, OR 14303200: Flow=1.3cfs,Stage=10.63ft,2015-08-02 09:45,<10,TUCCA CREEK NEAR BLAINE, OR. 14210000: Flow=680cfs,Stage=10.42ft,2015-08-02 09:45,<10,CLACKAMAS RIVER AT ESTACADA, OR 14200000: Flow=42cfs,Stage=9.62ft,Floodstage=23ft,2015-08-02 10:00,<10,MOLALLA RIVER NEAR CANBY, OR 14182500: Flow=24cfs,Stage=2.46ft,2015-08-02 09:15,<10,LITTLE NORTH SANTIAM RIVER NEAR MEHAMA, OR 14178000: Flow=353cfs,Stage=2.76ft,2015-08-02 09:15,<10,NO SANTIAM R BLW BOULDER CRK, NR DETROIT, OR 14171000: Flow=9.3cfs,Stage=2.05ft,Floodstage=20ft,2015-08-02 10:00,<10,MARYS RIVER NEAR PHILOMATH, OR 14166500: Flow=7.7cfs,Stage=0.54ft,2015-08-02 09:30,<10,LONG TOM RIVER NEAR NOTI, OR 14166000: Flow=3270cfs,Stage=1.41ft,Floodstage=14ft,2015-08-02 10:00,<10,WILLAMETTE RIVER AT HARRISBURG, OR 14158790: Flow=3.6cfs,Stage=5.13ft,2015-08-02 09:45,<10,SMITH RIVER ABV SMITH R RESV,NR BELKNAP SPRNGS,OR 14158500: Flow=159cfs,Stage=1.29ft,2015-08-02 10:30,<10,MCKENZIE RIVER AT OUTLET OF CLEAR LAKE, OR 14142500: Flow=338cfs,Stage=7.76ft,Floodstage=19.3ft,2015-08-02 09:45,<10,SANDY RIVER BLW BULL RUN RIVER, NR BULL RUN, OR 14138900: Flow=10cfs,Stage=0.43ft,2015-08-02 09:45,<10,NORTH FORK BULL RUN RIVER NEAR MULTNOMAH FALLS, OR 14096850: Flow=31cfs,Stage=2.09ft,2015-08-02 10:00,<10,BEAVER CREEK BELOW QUARTZ CREEK, NR SIMNASHO, OR 14093000: Flow=35cfs,Stage=4.30ft,2015-08-02 09:45,<10,SHITIKE CREEK NEAR WARM SPRINGS, OR 14092750: Flow=27cfs,Stage=0.73ft,2015-08-02 10:15,<10,SHITIKE CRK AT PETERS PASTURE, NR WARM SPRINGS, OR 14018500: Flow=0.24cfs,Stage=1.79ft,Floodstage=13ft,2015-08-02 09:30,<10,WALLA WALLA RIVER NEAR TOUCHET, WA 13333000: Flow=465cfs,Stage=3.00ft,Floodstage=10ft,2015-08-02 10:00,<10,GRANDE RONDE RIVER AT TROY, OR 13331500: Flow=76cfs,Stage=1.09ft,2015-08-02 10:00,<10,MINAM RIVER AT MINAM, OR 13215000: Flow=0.98cfs,Stage=3.39ft,2015-08-02 11:15,<10,MALHEUR RIVER BEL WARMSPRINGS RES NR RIVERSIDE OR 14309000: Flow=43cfs,Stage=1.45ft,2015-08-02 10:15,76-90,COW CREEK NEAR AZALEA, OR 14207500: Flow=175cfs,Stage=2.72ft,Floodstage=13.5ft,2015-08-02 10:00,76-90,TUALATIN RIVER AT WEST LINN, OR 14187500: Flow=785cfs,Stage=2.78ft,Floodstage=12ft,2015-08-02 09:53,76-90,SOUTH SANTIAM RIVER AT WATERLOO, OR 14169000: Flow=61cfs,Stage=1.73ft,2015-08-02 09:15,76-90,LONG TOM RIVER NEAR ALVADORE, OR 14033500: Flow=41cfs,Stage=2.28ft,2015-08-02 10:30,76-90,UMATILLA RIVER NEAR UMATILLA, OR 13290450: Flow=15300cfs,Stage=67.42ft,2015-08-02 10:30,76-90,SNAKE RIVER AT HELLS CANYON DAM ID-OR STATE LINE 11507500: Flow=1010cfs,Stage=1.76ft,2015-08-02 10:15,76-90,LINK RIVER AT KLAMATH FALLS, OR 14337600: Flow=1540cfs,Stage=2.21ft,2015-08-02 10:15,10-24,ROGUE RIVER NEAR MCLEOD, OR 14325000: Flow=27cfs,Stage=0.25ft,2015-08-02 10:00,10-24,SOUTH FORK COQUILLE RIVER AT POWERS, OR 14316500: Flow=737cfs,Stage=4.78ft,2015-08-02 09:30,10-24,N UMPQUA RIVER ABV COPELAND CK NR TOKETEE FALLS,OR 14315500: Flow=89cfs,Stage=3.32ft,2015-08-02 10:15,10-24,NORTH UMPQUA RIVER AT TOKETEE FALLS, OR 14312500: Flow=17cfs,Stage=0.95ft,2015-08-02 10:30,10-24,LAKE CREEK NEAR DIAMOND LAKE, OR 14301000: Flow=124cfs,Stage=1.73ft,Floodstage=15ft,2015-08-02 10:00,10-24,NEHALEM RIVER NEAR FOSS, OR 14209000: Flow=276cfs,Stage=4.82ft,2015-08-02 10:15,10-24,OAK GROVE FORK ABOVE POWERPLANT INTAKE, OR. 14165000: Flow=23cfs,Stage=0.81ft,Floodstage=15ft,2015-08-02 10:00,10-24,MOHAWK RIVER NEAR SPRINGFIELD, OR 14162500: Flow=1840cfs,Stage=1.04ft,Floodstage=11ft,2015-08-02 10:00,10-24,MCKENZIE RIVER NEAR VIDA, OR 14158850: Flow=605cfs,Stage=6.21ft,2015-08-02 10:30,10-24,MCKENZIE R BLW TRAIL BR DAM NR BELKNAP SPRINGS, OR 14154500: Flow=24cfs,Stage=1.96ft,2015-08-02 10:15,10-24,ROW RIVER ABOVE PITCHER CREEK, NEAR DORENA, OR 14150000: Flow=1220cfs,Stage=2.94ft,2015-08-02 09:00,10-24,MIDDLE FORK WILLAMETTE RIVER NEAR DEXTER, OR 14123500: Flow=526cfs,Stage=3.56ft,2015-08-02 10:00,10-24,WHITE SALMON RIVER NEAR UNDERWOOD, WA 14120000: Flow=290cfs,Stage=2.76ft,Floodstage=13ft,2015-08-02 09:30,10-24,HOOD RIVER AT TUCKER BRIDGE, NEAR HOOD RIVER, OR 14048000: Flow=78cfs,Stage=1.85ft,2015-08-02 09:45,10-24,JOHN DAY RIVER AT MCDONALD FERRY, OR 14046000: Flow=67cfs,Stage=2.49ft,Floodstage=14ft,2015-08-02 10:30,10-24,NORTH FORK JOHN DAY RIVER AT MONUMENT, OR 14044000: Flow=22cfs,Stage=1.95ft,2015-08-02 10:00,10-24,MIDDLE FORK JOHN DAY RIVER AT RITTER, OR 14038530: Flow=27cfs,Stage=3.34ft,Floodstage=8ft,2015-08-02 10:00,10-24,JOHN DAY RIVER NEAR JOHN DAY, OR 13269000: Flow=7230cfs,Stage=3.02ft,Floodstage=12ft,2015-08-02 11:00,10-24,SNAKE RIVER AT WEISER ID 13233300: Flow=1.9cfs,Stage=9.67ft,Floodstage=19.5ft,2015-08-02 11:30,10-24,MALHEUR RIVER BELOW NEVADA DAM NEAR VALE OR 13217500: Flow=39cfs,Stage=1.94ft,2015-08-02 11:15,10-24,NORTH FORK MALHEUR RIVER AT BEULAH OR 13181000: Flow=79cfs,Stage=1.14ft,2015-08-02 11:30,10-24,OWYHEE RIVER NR ROME OR 11516530: Flow=907cfs,Stage=2.13ft,2015-08-02 10:15,10-24,KLAMATH R BL IRON GATE DAM CA 10352500: Flow=0.58cfs,Stage=2.38ft,2015-08-02 09:30,10-24,MCDERMITT CK NR MCDERMITT, NV 14372300: Flow=1700cfs,Stage=2.56ft,Floodstage=17ft,2015-08-02 09:30,25-75,ROGUE RIVER NEAR AGNESS, OR 14369500: Flow=160cfs,Stage=2.04ft,Floodstage=13ft,2015-08-02 10:15,25-75,APPLEGATE RIVER NEAR WILDERVILLE, OR 14366000: Flow=203cfs,Stage=1.48ft,Floodstage=13ft,2015-08-02 10:15,25-75,APPLEGATE RIVER NEAR APPLEGATE, OR 14362000: Flow=225cfs,Stage=1.66ft,2015-08-02 10:15,25-75,APPLEGATE RIVER NEAR COPPER, OR 14359000: Flow=1620cfs,Stage=1.29ft,Floodstage=12ft,2015-08-02 09:45,25-75,ROGUE RIVER AT RAYGOLD NEAR CENTRAL POINT, OR 14357500: Flow=44cfs,Stage=2.72ft,Floodstage=10ft,2015-08-02 10:15,25-75,BEAR CREEK AT MEDFORD, OR 14339000: Flow=1570cfs,Stage=2.91ft,Floodstage=10ft,2015-08-02 10:15,25-75,ROGUE RIVER AT DODGE BRIDGE, NEAR EAGLE POINT, OR 14332000: Flow=13cfs,Stage=0.87ft,2015-08-02 09:30,25-75,SOUTH FORK ROGUE RIVER NEAR PROSPECT, OR 14314500: Flow=44cfs,Stage=3.24ft,2015-08-02 09:45,25-75,CLEARWATER RIVER ABV TRAP CK NR TOKETEE FALLS, OR 14313500: Flow=83cfs,Stage=4.59ft,2015-08-02 09:45,25-75,N UMPQUA RIVER BLW LEMOLO LK, NR TOKETEE FALLS, OR 14310000: Flow=43cfs,Stage=1.06ft,Floodstage=22ft,2015-08-02 10:30,25-75,COW CREEK NEAR RIDDLE, OR 14211500: Flow=0.98cfs,2015-08-02 10:30,Stage=1.06ft,2015-08-02 09:30:00,Floodstage=11ft,25-75,JOHNSON CREEK AT SYCAMORE, OR 14208700: Flow=72cfs,Stage=1.64ft,2015-08-02 10:00,25-75,OAK GROVE FORK NEAR GOVERNMENT CAMP, OR 14191000: Flow=5400cfs,Stage=4.66ft,Floodstage=28ft,2015-08-02 10:00,25-75,WILLAMETTE RIVER AT SALEM, OR 14189000: Flow=1290cfs,Stage=1.82ft,Floodstage=15ft,2015-08-02 10:15,25-75,SANTIAM RIVER AT JEFFERSON, OR 14187200: Flow=758cfs,Stage=10.29ft,2015-08-02 09:30,25-75,SOUTH SANTIAM RIVER NEAR FOSTER, OR 14183000: Flow=1060cfs,Stage=2.96ft,Floodstage=11ft,2015-08-02 10:00,25-75,NORTH SANTIAM RIVER AT MEHAMA, OR 14181500: Flow=965cfs,Stage=2.83ft,2015-08-02 09:00,25-75,NORTH SANTIAM RIVER AT NIAGARA, OR 14174000: Flow=3800cfs,Stage=2.15ft,Floodstage=25ft,2015-08-02 10:00,25-75,WILLAMETTE RIVER AT ALBANY, OR 14170000: Flow=39cfs,Stage=4.13ft,Floodstage=9ft,2015-08-02 10:00,25-75,LONG TOM RIVER AT MONROE, OR 14162200: Flow=180cfs,Stage=3.40ft,2015-08-02 10:15,25-75,BLUE RIVER AT BLUE RIVER, OR 14159500: Flow=310cfs,Stage=1.32ft,2015-08-02 10:15,25-75,SOUTH FORK MCKENZIE RIVER NEAR RAINBOW, OR 14157500: Flow=271cfs,Stage=1.50ft,Floodstage=13ft,2015-08-02 10:00,25-75,COAST FORK WILLAMETTE RIVER NEAR GOSHEN, OR 14155500: Flow=207cfs,Stage=2.23ft,2015-08-02 09:00,25-75,ROW RIVER NEAR COTTAGE GROVE, OR 14152000: Flow=1670cfs,Stage=2.62ft,Floodstage=10ft,2015-08-02 10:00,25-75,MIDDLE FORK WILLAMETTE RIVER AT JASPER, OR 14151000: Flow=206cfs,Stage=2.21ft,2015-08-02 09:00,25-75,FALL CREEK BLW WINBERRY CREEK, NEAR FALL CREEK, OR 14150800: Flow=6.6cfs,Stage=0.77ft,2015-08-02 10:00,25-75,WINBERRY CREEK NEAR LOWELL,OR 14140000: Flow=51cfs,Stage=2.97ft,2015-08-02 09:45,25-75,BULL RUN RIVER NEAR BULL RUN (RIVER ONLY), OR 14113000: Flow=749cfs,Stage=3.92ft,Floodstage=9ft,2015-08-02 10:00,25-75,KLICKITAT RIVER NEAR PITT, WA 14103000: Flow=4570cfs,Stage=2.64ft,Floodstage=8ft,2015-08-02 09:45,25-75,DESCHUTES RIVER AT MOODY, NEAR BIGGS, OR 14092500: Flow=3960cfs,Stage=2.82ft,2015-08-02 10:00,25-75,DESCHUTES RIVER NEAR MADRAS, OR 14091500: Flow=1400cfs,Stage=1.17ft,2015-08-02 10:00,25-75,METOLIUS RIVER NEAR GRANDVIEW, OR 14087400: Flow=1240cfs,Stage=1.83ft,2015-08-02 10:00,25-75,CROOKED RIVER BELOW OPAL SPRINGS, NEAR CULVER, OR 14076500: Flow=496cfs,Stage=2.16ft,2015-08-02 10:00,25-75,DESCHUTES RIVER NEAR CULVER, OR 14034470: Flow=0.46cfs,Stage=3.98ft,2015-08-02 10:15,25-75,WILLOW CREEK ABV WILLOW CR LAKE, NR HEPPNER, OR 14013000: Flow=31cfs,2015-08-02 10:30,Stage=14.57ft,2015-08-02 09:30:00,25-75,MILL CREEK NEAR WALLA WALLA, WA 13251000: Flow=1530cfs,Stage=5.05ft,Floodstage=12ft,2015-08-02 11:30,25-75,PAYETTE RIVER NR PAYETTE ID 13213100: Flow=7050cfs,Stage=5.90ft,2015-08-02 11:30,25-75,SNAKE RIVER AT NYSSA OR 13213000: Flow=490cfs,Stage=8.17ft,2015-08-02 11:30,25-75,BOISE RIVER NR PARMA ID 13183000: Flow=156cfs,Stage=1.81ft,Floodstage=10.8ft,2015-08-02 11:30,25-75,OWYHEE RIVER BELOW OWYHEE DAM, OR 11510700: Flow=936cfs,Stage=4.04ft,2015-08-02 09:45,25-75,KLAMATH RIVER BLW JOHN C.BOYLE PWRPLNT, NR KENO,OR 11509500: Flow=570cfs,Stage=4.31ft,2015-08-02 09:45,25-75,KLAMATH RIVER AT KENO, OR 11502500: Flow=486cfs,Stage=3.37ft,Floodstage=9ft,2015-08-02 10:00,25-75,WILLIAMSON RIVER BLW SPRAGUE RIVER NR CHILOQUIN,OR 11501000: Flow=168cfs,Stage=1.44ft,2015-08-02 09:30,25-75,SPRAGUE RIVER NEAR CHILOQUIN, OR 14362250: Flow=0.00cfs,Stage=-0.28ft,2015-08-02 10:15,Not ranked,STAR GULCH NEAR RUCH, OR 14361900: Stage=1926.77ft,2015-08-02 09:30,Not ranked,APPLEGATE LAKE NEAR COPPER, OR. 14361500: Not ranked,Equipment malfunction,ROGUE RIVER AT GRANTS PASS, OR 14354200: Flow=62cfs,Stage=0.82ft,2015-08-02 10:15,Not ranked,BEAR CREEK BLW ASHLAND CREEK AT ASHLAND, OR 14353500: Flow=2.9cfs,Stage=1.52ft,2015-08-02 10:15,Not ranked,EAST FORK ASHLAND CREEK NEAR ASHLAND, OR 14353000: Flow=2.2cfs,Stage=0.69ft,2015-08-02 10:15,Not ranked,WEST FORK ASHLAND CREEK NEAR ASHLAND, OR 14335072: Flow=1260cfs,Stage=2.30ft,2015-08-02 09:45,Not ranked,ROGUE R AT COLE M RIVERS F HATCHERY NR MCLEOD, OR 14335040: Stage=1814.70ft,Floodstage=1872ft,2015-08-02 09:30,Not ranked,LOST CREEK LAKE NEAR MCLEOD, OR 14330000: Flow=638cfs,Stage=1.42ft,2015-07-31 22:55,Not ranked,ROGUE RIVER BELOW PROSPECT, OR 14327055: Stage=5.33ft,2015-08-02 10:15,Not ranked,COQUILLE RIVER AT COQUILLE, OR 14327000: Stage=3.13ft,2015-08-02 09:45,Not ranked,N FK COQUILLE R NR MYRTLE POINT, OR 14326510: Stage=2.56ft,2015-08-02 10:15:00,Floodstage=33ft,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,SF COQUILLE RIVER AT MYRTLE POINT, OR 14320934: Flow=0.17cfs,Stage=1.01ft,2015-08-02 09:30,Not ranked,LITTLE WOLF CREEK NEAR TYEE, OR 14316495: Flow=6.3cfs,Stage=1.20ft,2015-08-02 10:00,Not ranked,BOULDER CREEK NEAR TOKETEE FALLS, OR 14316455: Flow=313cfs,Stage=2.54ft,2015-08-02 09:45,Not ranked,N.UMPQUA R BLW SODA SPGS RESV, NR TOKETEE FALLS,OR 14315950: Flow=29cfs,Stage=4.47ft,2015-08-02 09:15,Not ranked,FISH CREEK ABV SLIPPER CREEK NR TOKETEE FALLS, OR 14315700: Flow=260cfs,Stage=2.58ft,2015-08-02 10:15,Not ranked,N.UMPQUA R BLW SLIDE CK DAM NR TOKETEE FALLS, OR 14314700: Flow=45cfs,Stage=4.68ft,2015-08-02 10:30,Not ranked,CLEARWATER R BLW MOWICH CREEK, NR TOKETEE FALLS,OR 14313700: Flow=87cfs,Stage=5.25ft,2015-08-02 10:30,Not ranked,N.UMPQUA R BLW WARM SPRINGS CK NR TOKETEE FALLS,OR 14313200: Flow=85cfs,Stage=1.47ft,2015-08-02 10:30,Not ranked,N.UMPQUA R ABV WHITE MULE CK, NR TOKETEE FALLS, OR 14313000: Stage=4147.46ft,2015-08-02 10:15,Not ranked,LEMOLO LAKE NEAR TOKETEE FALLS, OR 14312450: Stage=5183.66ft,2015-08-02 09:30,Not ranked,DIAMOND LAKE NEAR DIAMOND LAKE, OR 14308995: Stage=1853.42ft,2015-08-02 10:00,Not ranked,GALESVILLE RESERVOIR NEAR AZALEA, OR 14308990: Flow=5.8cfs,Stage=0.06ft,2015-08-02 10:00,Not ranked,COW CREEK ABV GALESVILLE RES, NR AZALEA, OR. 14302480: Flow=44cfs,Stage=5.78ft,Floodstage=16.5ft,2015-08-02 10:00,Not ranked,TRASK RIVER ABOVE CEDAR CREEK, NEAR TILLAMOOK, OR 14302020: Stage=7.68ft,Floodstage=24.5ft,2015-08-02 10:00,Not ranked,WILSON RIVER AT SOLLIE SMITH BR AT TILLAMOOK, OR 14299800: Flow=8.1cfs,Stage=3.72ft,Floodstage=12ft,2015-08-02 10:15,Not ranked,NEHALEM RIVER NEAR VERNONIA, OR 14246900: Flow=387000cfs,Stage=3.01ft,2015-08-02 09:50,Not ranked,COLUMBIA RIVER @ BEAVER ARMY TERMINAL NR QUINCY,OR 14211820: Flow=-2050cfs,Stage=6.19ft,2015-08-02 07:00,Not ranked,COLUMBIA SLOUGH AT PORTLAND, OR 14211814: Flow=1.1cfs,Stage=3.99ft,2015-08-02 09:45,Not ranked,FAIRVIEW CREEK AT GLISAN ST NEAR GRESHAM, OR 14211550: Flow=12cfs,Stage=23.95ft,2015-08-02 09:30,Not ranked,JOHNSON CREEK AT MILWAUKIE, OR 14211499: Flow=0.26cfs,Stage=3.06ft,2015-08-02 09:30,Not ranked,KELLEY CREEK AT SE 159TH DRIVE AT PORTLAND, OR 14211400: Flow=1.3cfs,Stage=4.56ft,2015-08-02 10:30,Not ranked,JOHNSON CREEK AT REGNER ROAD, AT GRESHAM, OR 14211315: Flow=0.30cfs,Stage=1.57ft,2015-08-02 10:00,Not ranked,TRYON CREEK NEAR LAKE OSWEGO, OR 14211010: Flow=635cfs,Stage=22.71ft,2015-08-02 09:15,Not ranked,CLACKAMAS RIVER NEAR OREGON CITY, OR 14209250: Flow=92cfs,Stage=2.07ft,2015-08-02 10:00,Not ranked,OAK GROVE FORK AT RIPPLEBROOK CAMPGROUND, OR 14207770: Stage=6.10ft,2015-08-02 10:15,Not ranked,WILLAMETTE RIVER BELOW FALLS, AT OREGON CITY, OR 14207740: Stage=56.08ft,2015-08-02 09:30,Not ranked,WILLAMETTE RIVER ABOVE FALLS, AT OREGON CITY, OR 14206950: Flow=1.7cfs,Stage=1.63ft,Floodstage=9.1ft,2015-08-02 09:45,Not ranked,FANNO CREEK AT DURHAM, OR 14206900: Flow=0.10cfs,Stage=8.45ft,2015-08-02 07:00,Not ranked,FANNO CREEK AT 56TH AVE, AT PORTLAND, OR 14205400: Flow=9.4cfs,Stage=4.02ft,2015-08-02 09:00,Not ranked,EAST FORK DAIRY CREEK NEAR MEACHAM CORNER, OR 14202650: Flow=31cfs,2013-04-11 23:45,Not ranked,WAPATO CREEK AT SW GASTON ROAD, AT GASTON, OR 14202630: Stage=2.05ft,2015-08-02 10:30,Not ranked,WAPATO CANAL AT PUMP HOUSE, AT GASTON, OR 14201340: Flow=8.1cfs,Stage=4.43ft,2015-08-02 07:00,Not ranked,PUDDING RIVER NEAR WOODBURN, OR 14201300: Flow=0.16cfs,Stage=3.64ft,2015-08-02 09:30,Not ranked,ZOLLNER CREEK NEAR MT ANGEL, OR 14200700: Flow=0.43cfs,Stage=3.44ft,2015-08-02 10:00,Not ranked,ABIQUA CREEK AT SILVERTON, OR 14200300: Stage=0.70ft,2015-08-02 10:00,Not ranked,SILVER CREEK AT SILVERTON, OR 14200100: Flow=0.18cfs,Stage=1.33ft,2015-08-02 10:00,Not ranked,DRIFT CREEK NEAR SILVERTON, OR 14199704: Flow=0.21cfs,Stage=1.43ft,2015-08-02 09:45,Not ranked,NATE CREEK TRIBUTARY NEAR COLTON, OR 14198400: Flow=0.02cfs,Stage=5.22ft,2015-08-02 10:15,Not ranked,BULL CREEK NEAR WILHOIT, OR 14197900: Flow=4730cfs,Stage=56.20ft,2015-08-02 07:00,Not ranked,WILLAMETTE RIVER AT NEWBERG, OR 14194150: Flow=15cfs,Stage=10.08ft,Floodstage=50ft,2015-08-02 09:30,Not ranked,SOUTH YAMHILL RIVER AT MCMINNVILLE, OR 14188610: Flow=0.07cfs,Stage=3.15ft,2015-08-02 09:45,Not ranked,SCHAFER CREEK NEAR LACOMB, OR 14187600: Flow=90cfs,Stage=2.66ft,2015-08-02 07:30,Not ranked,LEBANON SANTIAM CANAL NEAR LEBANON, OR 14186610: Stage=525.23ft,2015-08-02 09:58,Not ranked,FOSTER DAM TAILWATER AT FOSTER, OR 14186600: Stage=635.54ft,2015-08-02 09:58,Not ranked,FOSTER LAKE AT FOSTER, OR 14186200: Stage=696.00ft,2015-08-02 09:30,Not ranked,MIDDLE SANTIAM R BLW GREEN PETER DAM NR FOSTER, OR 14186110: Stage=692.03ft,2015-08-02 09:58,Not ranked,GREEN PETER DAM TAILWATER NEAR FOSTER, OR 14186100: Stage=950.02ft,2015-08-02 09:58,Not ranked,GREEN PETER LAKE NEAR FOSTER, OR 14185800: Stage=0.86ft,2015-08-02 10:15,Not ranked,MIDDLE SANTIAM R NEAR CASCADIA, OR 14184100: Flow=684cfs,Stage=13.76ft,2015-08-02 10:00,Not ranked,NORTH SANTIAM R AT GREENS BRIDGE, NR JEFFERSON, OR 14181410: Stage=1108.76ft,2015-08-02 09:30,Not ranked,BIG CLIFF DAM TAILWATER NEAR NIAGARA, OR 14181400: Stage=1195.46ft,2015-08-02 09:30,Not ranked,BIG CLIFF LAKE NEAR NIAGARA, OR 14180510: Stage=1196.64ft,2015-08-02 10:15,Not ranked,DETROIT DAM TAILWATER NEAR DETROIT, OR 14180500: Stage=1484.55ft,2015-08-02 10:15,Not ranked,DETROIT LAKE NEAR DETROIT, OR 14180300: Flow=4.7cfs,Stage=3.06ft,2015-08-02 10:15,Not ranked,BLOWOUT CREEK NEAR DETROIT, OR 14171600: Flow=3660cfs,Stage=9.48ft,Floodstage=30ft,2015-08-02 10:00,Not ranked,WILLAMETTE RIVER AT CORVALLIS, OR 14168000: Stage=369.98ft,2015-08-02 09:15,Not ranked,FERN RIDGE LAKE NEAR ELMIRA, OR 14164900: Flow=1620cfs,Stage=52.82ft,2015-08-02 10:15,Not ranked,McKENZIE RIVER ABV HAYDEN BR, AT SPRINGFIELD,OR 14164700: Flow=0.41cfs,Stage=1.36ft,2015-08-02 07:30,Not ranked,CEDAR CREEK AT SPRINGFIELD, OR 14164550: Stage=7.97ft,2015-08-02 09:30,Not ranked,CAMP CRK AT CAMP CRK RD BRIDGE, NR SPRINGFIELD, OR 14163900: Flow=1070cfs,Stage=0.99ft,2015-08-02 08:45,Not ranked,MCKENZIE RIVER NEAR WALTERVILLE, OR 14163150: Flow=1060cfs,Stage=3.67ft,2015-08-02 05:45,Not ranked,MCKENZIE RIVER BLW LEABURG DAM, NR LEABURG, OR 14162100: Stage=1275.15ft,2015-08-02 09:15,Not ranked,BLUE RIVER LAKE NEAR BLUE RIVER, OR 14159410: Stage=1252.29ft,2015-08-02 09:59,Not ranked,COUGAR DAM TAILWATER NEAR RAINBOW, OR 14159400: Stage=1592.52ft,2015-08-02 09:00,Not ranked,COUGAR LAKE NEAR RAINBOW, OR 14155000: Stage=820.88ft,2015-08-02 09:00,Not ranked,DORENA LAKE NEAR COTTAGE GROVE, OR 14153000: Stage=772.12ft,2015-08-02 09:00,Not ranked,COTTAGE GROVE LAKE NR COTTAGE GROVE,OREG. 14150900: Stage=792.21ft,2015-08-02 09:00,Not ranked,FALL CREEK LAKE NEAR LOWELL, OR 14150290: Stage=2.79ft,2015-08-02 09:30,Not ranked,FALL CREEK ABOVE NORTH FORK, NEAR LOWELL, OR 14149510: Stage=637.32ft,2015-08-02 09:52,Not ranked,DEXTER DAM TAILWATER AT DEXTER, OR 14149500: Stage=691.15ft,2015-08-02 09:52,Not ranked,DEXTER LAKE AT DEXTER, OR 14149010: Stage=691.15ft,2015-08-02 09:52,Not ranked,LOOKOUT POINT DAM TAILWATER NEAR LOWELL, OR 14149000: Stage=851.64ft,2015-08-02 09:52,Not ranked,LOOKOUT POINT LAKE NEAR LOWELL, OR 14147500: 2015-07-29 20:15,Not ranked,N FK OF M FK WILLAMETTE R NR OAKRIDGE, OR 14145110: Stage=1225.31ft,2015-08-02 09:52,Not ranked,HILLS CREEK DAM TAILWATER NEAR OAKRIDGE, OR 14145100: Stage=1510.37ft,2015-08-02 09:52,Not ranked,HILLS CREEK LAKE NEAR OAKRIDGE, OR 14144900: Stage=9.29ft,2015-08-02 10:15,Not ranked,HILLS CR AB HILLS CR RES, NR OAKRIDGE, OR 14144800: Stage=9.03ft,2015-08-02 09:15,Not ranked,MIDDLE FORK WILLAMETTE RIVER NR OAKRIDGE, OR 14144700: Stage=5.85ft,2015-08-02 07:30,Not ranked,COLUMBIA RIVER AT VANCOUVER, WA 14142800: Flow=0.74cfs,Stage=4.87ft,2015-08-02 09:45,Not ranked,BEAVER CREEK AT TROUTDALE, OR 14139900: Stage=859.35ft,2015-08-02 10:00,Not ranked,BULL RUN RESERVOIR NO 2, NEAR BULL RUN, OR 14139000: Stage=999.48ft,2015-08-02 10:00,Not ranked,BULL RUN RESERVOIR NO 1 NEAR BULL RUN, OR 14138720: Flow=17cfs,Stage=0.99ft,2015-08-02 10:00,Not ranked,BULL RUN RIVER AT LOWER FLUME NR BRIGHTWOOD, OR 14138560: Stage=3166.70ft,2015-08-02 09:45,Not ranked,BULL RUN LAKE NEAR BRIGHTWOOD, OR 14137000: Not ranked,Equipment malfunction,SANDY RIVER NEAR MARMOT, OR 14133450: Stage=80.41ft,2014-12-03 14:45,Not ranked,SANDY RIVER AT WEMME, OR 14128870: 2015-07-28 18:30,Not ranked,COLUMBIA RIVER BELOW BONNEVILLE DAM, OR 14113200: Flow=0.53cfs,Stage=2.09ft,2015-08-02 10:30,Not ranked,MOSIER CREEK NEAR MOSIER, OR 14105800: Stage=2.38ft,2015-08-02 09:45,Not ranked,NF MILL CR ABV SF MILL CR, NR THE DALLES, OR 14092050: Stage=1944.82ft,2015-08-02 10:15,Not ranked,LAKE BILLY CHINOOK NEAR GRANDVIEW, OR 14087520: Stage=1944.90ft,2015-08-02 10:15,Not ranked,LAKE BILLY CHINOOK NEAR CULVER, OR 14087380: Flow=120cfs,Stage=1.88ft,2015-08-02 10:00,Not ranked,CROOKED RIVER BLW OSBORNE CANYON, NR OPAL CITY, OR 14046890: Flow=0.91cfs,Stage=4.79ft,2015-08-02 09:30,Not ranked,PINE CREEK NEAR CLARNO, OR 14046778: Flow=2.2cfs,Stage=1.07ft,2015-08-02 09:30,Not ranked,BRIDGE CR ABV COYOTE CANYON NR MITCHELL, OR 14043840: Flow=19cfs,Stage=4.07ft,2015-08-02 09:30,Not ranked,MF JOHN DAY RIVER ABV CAMP CREEK, NR GALENA, OR 14036860: Flow=23cfs,2015-08-02 08:30,Stage=1.17ft,2015-08-02 09:30:00,Not ranked,JOHN DAY R AT BLUE MTN HOT SPGS NR PRAIRIE CITY,OR 14034608: Flow=20cfs,Stage=4.45ft,2015-08-02 10:15,Not ranked,WILLOW CREEK AT MORGAN STREET, AT HEPPNER, OR 14034490: Stage=2060.01ft,2015-08-02 10:00,Not ranked,WILLOW CREEK LAKE AT HEPPNER, OR 14020850: Flow=34cfs,Stage=2.62ft,2015-08-02 10:15,Not ranked,UMATILLA R AT W RESERVATION BNDY NR PENDLETON, OR 14020000: Flow=38cfs,Stage=2.69ft,Floodstage=7ft,2015-08-02 10:15,Not ranked,UMATILLA RIVER ABOVE MEACHAM CREEK, NR GIBBON, OR 14013800: Stage=1195.83ft,2015-08-02 10:00,Not ranked,BENNINGTON LAKE NEAR WALLA WALLA, WA 14013700: Flow=22cfs,Stage=6.36ft,2015-08-02 10:30,Not ranked,MILL CREEK AT FIVE MILE RD BR NR WALLA WALLA, WA 13317660: Flow=19800cfs,Stage=6.97ft,2015-08-02 09:45,Not ranked,SNAKE RIVER BL MCDUFF RAPIDS AT CHINA GARDENS, ID 13173600: Flow=7170cfs,2010-09-30 23:45,Not ranked,SNAKE RIVER NR ADRIAN OR 11509340: Flow=-14cfs,Stage=6.17ft,2015-08-02 09:50,Not ranked,KLAMATH STRAITS DRAIN NEAR WORDEN, OR 11509200: Flow=31cfs,Stage=10.24ft,2015-08-02 09:50,Not ranked,ADY CANAL AT HIGHWAY 97, NEAR WORDEN, OR 11509105: Flow=25cfs,Stage=7.52ft,2015-08-02 09:50,Not ranked,NORTH CANAL AT HIGHWAY 97, NEAR MIDLAND, OR 11507001: Stage=4140.32ft,2015-08-02 09:30,Not ranked,UPPER KLAMATH LAKE NR K.FALLS(WEIGHT/MEAN ELEV) OR 11507000: Stage=4140.55ft,2015-08-02 10:30,Not ranked,UPPER KLAMATH LAKE NEAR KLAMATH FALLS, OR 11505900: Stage=4140.38ft,2015-08-02 10:30,Not ranked,UPPER KLAMATH LAKE AT RATTLESNAKE POINT, OR 11505800: Stage=4140.31ft,2015-08-02 09:45,Not ranked,UPPER KLAMATH LAKE AT ROCKY POINT, OR 11504300: Stage=4142.20ft,2015-08-02 09:45,Not ranked,AGENCY LAKE NEAR KLAMATH AGENCY, OR 11504115: Flow=269cfs,Stage=1.38ft,2015-08-02 09:40,Not ranked,WOOD RIVER NEAR KLAMATH AGENCY, OR 11493500: Flow=0.00cfs,Stage=1.13ft,2015-08-02 09:30,Not ranked,WILLIAMSON RIVER NEAR KLAMATH AGENCY, OR 11492200: Stage=6171.18ft,2015-08-02 09:30,Not ranked,CRATER LAKE NEAR CRATER LAKE, OR Go to WaterWatch (offsite) for a larger map with additional options